Monday, Woohoo!

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We had a great day just playing at the house and enjoying this beautiful weather.  After lunch the kids and I went for a walk outside.  Emma rode her tricycle the entire time while I pushed Hudson in the pink car.  🙂  You know what I really need?  One of those red wagons that fits two kids.

Not much else to report other than Hudson is keeping me so busy!  He is into everything especially Emma’s chalk.  It reminds me of this show I watched on discovery health or something where the pregnant girl craved chalk and her mom would bring her tons of chalk so she could eat it.  The thought of it grosses me out but people seriously can crave chalk.  I don’t want to move the chalkboard from the living/dining room area b/c Emma plays with it all the time everyday but how in the world do I keep him out of it???  Silly boy!

I’m very tired tonight and ready to fall asleep so enjoy a few pictures from today.

Got drool? He was trying to get into the water bowl but I beat him to it!

Hudson got his 1st goose egg today. It's on the upper right side looking at him. He was sitting right beside me on the floor and just fell flat down on the hardwood. It hurt. Poor thing cried so hard and it was such a loud thump!


More Teeth!

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I don’t have any pictures to share tonight but for my records I wanted to post that Hudson has tooth #7!  I thought he was working on another one and sure enough, I saw and felt it today.  Poor baby!  I think #8 will be making an appearance very soon but it’s so hard to look into his mouth these days.  He is so bad at biting and I know he doesn’t mean to, but it really hurts.  When we are rocking him to sleep he loves to bite on our clothes and occasionally gets some shoulder skin.  Ouch!

I also want to mention that he is all over the place!  He crawls so fast and has to pull up on everything.  He LOVES to crawl over to Em’s chalkboard and eat chalk…dog water & food bowl…dog toy basket…and anything other than his toys.  🙂  He’s so fun though and Emma is loving this stage.  I just love to watch them interact together and he could watch Emma play for hours.  She is just the best big sister and is so gentle and loving with him.  Makes me a happy mommy!

Not much to report from our weekend.  We finally got the yard mowed today and the house cleaned up besides our bedroom.  Feels good!  We’ve also got some ugly allergies attacking our house and I think Hudson will be my allergy baby like his daddy.  He woke up after being asleep for 1.5 hours with a runny nose and he was rubbing his eyes and nose.  Pitiful.  George and I have been sneezing and I still have a scratchy throat from last weekend.  Go away allergies!  Oh but on a positive note, we opened up our windows today all day long!  It said it was 80 degrees in our house but it actually felt great!  I’m so ready for fall!


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Yesterday the kids and I just stayed around the house and I *attempted* to clean. When George came home I told him it feels like I’m going in circles on a daily basis b/c it is so hard to keep the house clean or really even try to clean it up and I feel like we are living in a tornado most days. I’m usually fine with it for a day or so and then I start going crazy. But I guess as long as no one stops by unannounced we are okay. 🙂 Here’s a couple of pictures from our lazy Friday.

We were in the bedroom cleaning and Emma started putting my new headbands on Hudson. It did not phase him one bit and he was so cute!

He was so proud of himself for pulling up on the tv stand.

Oh sweet Emma and her silly faces!

Both kiddos are already sound asleep and I’m going to relax (and not clean house) and drink some coffee.  I should clean since they are in bed so early but it’s nice to let the mind unwind and do nothing.  🙂

I do have a funny story.  Last week the kids and I went to the gym and while I work out they go to the gym play area.  Well all of the workers just love Emma and Hudson and get really excited to see them.  There was a new girl this particular day and as we were leaving Emma got mad b/c I wouldn’t let her have goldfish while we were walking to the van.  So right beside the front desk she decides to lay down in the floor and throw a fit.  Now let me remind you that I had just done a 1 hour bodypump class and my muscles were so so tired and I was holding Hudson.  I was not in the mood to listen to a tantrum.  So I started saying “get up now” and then started counting to three.  Then this super happy high school aged girl bops on over to me and says “oh my gosh, I just had to tell you that you have THE most adorable little kids that I’ve ever seen  and oh I just love his eyes…I’ve never seen eyelashes so long”, etc.  Ha!  She was standing behind the desk and couldn’t see Emma on the floor.  I just smiled and said “thank you” and finally got Emma up and ran out the door.  I thought it was kind of funny!

Pledge of Allegiance

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My How Things Changed Quickly!

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While we were in TN Hudson would take 1 or 2 little crawls but then he could reach whatever it was he was going after so he would just fall on his belly.  Well when we came home last night (Sept 6th, 9.5 months) he just went to town.  Then today he has crawled non stop and is pulling up to standing position on everything.  The only bad thing is he still doesn’t have the best balance so sometimes he just falls over which can be bad.  He’s so cute and already getting faster.  Also, when he goes from the carpet to the tile or hardwood, I guess he can tell the difference and isn’t so sure about it b/c he will get on his legs & hands and push his bottom up in the air!  It’s really funny.

Little man is in need of a haircut! Look at that mop!

This look wins me over!

Pure sweetness!

Standing up on the time out chair-position 1

Yay, he made it! Position 2


Playing so well together

My loves!

George’s 10 Year High School Reunion (yes, we are old farts)

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We traveled home to TN Thursday night to prepare for the festivities.  We had such a good time but I’m still recovering.  I feel so old.  We stayed out way too late and had a little too much wine & my body hurts.  I am sore all over b/c I didn’t sleep in my bed for four whole nights and my throat is all scratchy and yucky.  😦  It feels better just whining about it.  🙂

Anyways, Friday night everyone met at Crawdaddy’s where all of the awkward “so where are you at” questions took place.  I’ve always hated those conversations.  It was fun though making new friends that weren’t three year olds.  Saturday we attended the family picnic at Cane Creek and the kids had a blast.  Emma is a champion at Corn Hole!

Hudson really enjoyed playing in the grass and occasionally eating it.  Oh and by the way, Hudson is CRAWLING!  I guess he officially started on Sunday (maybe?).  He is still slow but he gets to where he is going and it is so cute!  So far he’s not into anything bad but I need to baby proof this week.

George and I are so thankful that Gabby & Ru-Rus kept the kids for us so we could have lots of grown up time.  I really enjoyed the reunion and I’m looking forward to his 20th!

Little man just woke up so let the cleaning, unpacking, laundry day begin!

Toes Kiss, Heels Kiss…

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and blow kisses for everyone!  That’s what Emma learned in dance class last night!  They also learned to make lemonade (yep you had to be there) and at the end of class all of the parents got to go in and watch what they learned.  Emma just stood there for the most part.  I think it’s going to take a little bit for her to warm up to a big audience!  All of the little girls were so cute in their leotards & ballet slippers!  Emma’s Stage Arts teacher is Ms. Melissa and there are 2 helpers with one of the helpers being Barbra.  🙂  Next week I’m going to take my video camera b/c I was kicking myself last night for not bringing it!  I didn’t realize they would let us come in and watch and all of the other parents got out their cool iphones & such and recorded all of it.  Oh well, maybe next week.  Here’s a cute picture of her before we left the house.

Emma's first day of dance-Stage Arts 1-August 31, 2010

As for Mr. H, I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet that he is learning to wave bye-bye!  I really started working with him on it last week and sometimes I can get him to wave and a few nights ago when we were leaving the gym he started waving bye-bye and saying bye bye bye.  I don’t know if it was intentional or not but I like to think it was.  🙂  Within this past week he has become very mobile too.  He’s still not crawling but he can move around and get himself into sitting position from his back rather quickly and he can pull up on furniture.  He’s only pulled up by himself a few times but he can do it and spends all day trying.  Now if only he would figure out that his legs can move with his arms he will be in good shape!  Oh and I must also add that he’s my eater.  Seriously I think he out eats Emma most of the time!  That’s probably why they almost weigh the same.

Alright, time to watch tv with the hubby since the monkeys are asleep!  It’s been a long day but a good one!