Busy Little Bees!

Our family has been so busy and I think we will be going non-stop until after the new year!  I’ve got several Thirty-One parties coming up and a couple of them are in Nashville.  I’ve also got to go to Murfreesboro this week for a Thirty-One meeting.  I absolutely LOVE my new job and I’m very excited for my first home party this Saturday with an old friend.

I remember back when Emma was a baby and how we had to keep her isolated from the outside world and would only get out for doctor’s appts that first year.  My how times have changed.  It seems that our weeks are full of school, dance class, lots of playgroups, gym for mommy, and other things thrown into our week.  I feel like we are just going going going!  I love it though and I’m very excited for some really fun things coming up in the next couple of weeks that I will share about later.

In other news, Hudson turned 10 months on the 23rd!  Only 2 more months until the big birthday!  He’s growing so much and such a blessing.  I don’t know what I ever did without him.  I am constantly telling George that I feel like Hudson just completes our family.  There is nothing better than watching those sweet little monkeys play together.

Friday night I went to Nashville with my friend Sam and we went to Chelsea Handler at the Bridgestone Arena.  I love me some Chelsea & it was a good show.  I was very upset though b/c she always announces that she will sign everybody’s book.  So I make sure and take her last book that came out and carried it to dinner and then to the show.  I actually ran into a friend from high school and he said his wife went to a Greenhill’s bookstore earlier that day and she was doing autographs.  I thought I had missed out.  Then during the show she mentions that after the show she would be doing autographs so I got really excited again.  My friend and I go get in line which was crazy long (probably 200 people or more) and someone tells us that the only way to get a signature was to buy the book there and they would give you an armband and a sticky note inside the book.  What?????  So we finally asked someone else and they confirmed it.  I would not be getting an autograph unless I bought the same exact book from their booth and got back in line.  Grrrr!  I was so upset.  I’ve been waiting like 5 months or so for this night.  We ended up leaving and eventually I got over it but I’m still a little bummed.  Why can’t they announce that ahead of time??  Whatever.

My sweet husband took Emma & Hudson too Cookeville on Saturday morning and let me have the weekend to myself.  I didn’t get home from Nashville until 3pm on Saturday.  Who is familiar with the Pancake Pantry??  Oh.my.word it was DELICIOUS!  We had to stand in line in the sun for exactly 1 hour but it was so worth it.  I told George that he’ll have to go with me next time.  My friend Sam got their sweet potato pancakes & they were awesome!

Okay, I’m ready for bed so here are some pictures from the past week!

I took Emma & Hudson to Dublin maybe 2 weeks ago and it was so fun! Hudson LOVES to swing just like his sister!

I set up a table at Kidventure last Monday for Thirty-one and I made fruit pizza and cupcakes for the kiddos and their mommys.

The other day I heard Hudson in Emma's room and walked in to find this. He loves her kitchen and he will dump everything into the floor and just sit there and play.

Snow White posing for a picture!

Our friend Adam is making these drums called Om Box ( I think) and he gave George one and we are sending him pictures of Emma playing one. She loves to feel the beat!

Spaghetti night at our house was a success! Hudson LOVES it! He went straight into the bath after that!


~ by btitsworth on September 27, 2010.

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