Yesterday Hudson discovered  that he could crawl between the loveseat and coffee table which is something Emma used to do all the time.  It surprised me when he tried it the first time and poor thing got stuck, and then he hit his head.  But a few minutes later he was successful!

I was trying to get him when he was between the loveseat and table but he is too fast for my camera to focus!

He also does the funny crawl when he gets to the hardwood & tile.  He will put one leg up in the air and crawl with one leg.  It is so goofy!  I don’t know if it hurts his knees or what but it is so funny looking.

And one more just b/c he’s cute!

I took these while Emma was at school yesterday and I didn’t take any of her.  I did get a video of her at dance last night and she actually participated when all of the parents came in to watch!  I was so proud!  I think she gets a little shy sometimes with everyone watching so that was a huge step.


~ by btitsworth on September 15, 2010.

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