Monday, Woohoo!

We had a great day just playing at the house and enjoying this beautiful weather.  After lunch the kids and I went for a walk outside.  Emma rode her tricycle the entire time while I pushed Hudson in the pink car.  🙂  You know what I really need?  One of those red wagons that fits two kids.

Not much else to report other than Hudson is keeping me so busy!  He is into everything especially Emma’s chalk.  It reminds me of this show I watched on discovery health or something where the pregnant girl craved chalk and her mom would bring her tons of chalk so she could eat it.  The thought of it grosses me out but people seriously can crave chalk.  I don’t want to move the chalkboard from the living/dining room area b/c Emma plays with it all the time everyday but how in the world do I keep him out of it???  Silly boy!

I’m very tired tonight and ready to fall asleep so enjoy a few pictures from today.

Got drool? He was trying to get into the water bowl but I beat him to it!

Hudson got his 1st goose egg today. It's on the upper right side looking at him. He was sitting right beside me on the floor and just fell flat down on the hardwood. It hurt. Poor thing cried so hard and it was such a loud thump!


~ by btitsworth on September 14, 2010.

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