More Teeth!

I don’t have any pictures to share tonight but for my records I wanted to post that Hudson has tooth #7!  I thought he was working on another one and sure enough, I saw and felt it today.  Poor baby!  I think #8 will be making an appearance very soon but it’s so hard to look into his mouth these days.  He is so bad at biting and I know he doesn’t mean to, but it really hurts.  When we are rocking him to sleep he loves to bite on our clothes and occasionally gets some shoulder skin.  Ouch!

I also want to mention that he is all over the place!  He crawls so fast and has to pull up on everything.  He LOVES to crawl over to Em’s chalkboard and eat chalk…dog water & food bowl…dog toy basket…and anything other than his toys.  🙂  He’s so fun though and Emma is loving this stage.  I just love to watch them interact together and he could watch Emma play for hours.  She is just the best big sister and is so gentle and loving with him.  Makes me a happy mommy!

Not much to report from our weekend.  We finally got the yard mowed today and the house cleaned up besides our bedroom.  Feels good!  We’ve also got some ugly allergies attacking our house and I think Hudson will be my allergy baby like his daddy.  He woke up after being asleep for 1.5 hours with a runny nose and he was rubbing his eyes and nose.  Pitiful.  George and I have been sneezing and I still have a scratchy throat from last weekend.  Go away allergies!  Oh but on a positive note, we opened up our windows today all day long!  It said it was 80 degrees in our house but it actually felt great!  I’m so ready for fall!


~ by btitsworth on September 13, 2010.

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