George’s 10 Year High School Reunion (yes, we are old farts)

We traveled home to TN Thursday night to prepare for the festivities.  We had such a good time but I’m still recovering.  I feel so old.  We stayed out way too late and had a little too much wine & my body hurts.  I am sore all over b/c I didn’t sleep in my bed for four whole nights and my throat is all scratchy and yucky.  😦  It feels better just whining about it.  🙂

Anyways, Friday night everyone met at Crawdaddy’s where all of the awkward “so where are you at” questions took place.  I’ve always hated those conversations.  It was fun though making new friends that weren’t three year olds.  Saturday we attended the family picnic at Cane Creek and the kids had a blast.  Emma is a champion at Corn Hole!

Hudson really enjoyed playing in the grass and occasionally eating it.  Oh and by the way, Hudson is CRAWLING!  I guess he officially started on Sunday (maybe?).  He is still slow but he gets to where he is going and it is so cute!  So far he’s not into anything bad but I need to baby proof this week.

George and I are so thankful that Gabby & Ru-Rus kept the kids for us so we could have lots of grown up time.  I really enjoyed the reunion and I’m looking forward to his 20th!

Little man just woke up so let the cleaning, unpacking, laundry day begin!


~ by btitsworth on September 7, 2010.

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