A Few Pictures…

Our day has been rather boring besides attending a playdate at Tracey’s house with 3 of her 5 kiddos!  Other than that I caught up on some house work that was neglected over the weekend while the kids played.  Then we ventured out to the gym so I could pump up for an hour and headed home to dinner.  Fun times I tell ya!

I’m so excited b/c Emma starts dance tomorrow!!!  We’ve been waiting months for tomorrow and she is ecstatic.  🙂  Pics will come!  Now enjoy some from today.

Emma drew this yesterday and I think it was her on a sunny day riding in a stroller.

Today she drew this picture of her and I...love all of her drawings!

And of course, Mr. H! Such a little stinker these days!

Well I’m on a Thirty-One conference call, updating the blog, sending emails, kids are asleep, George is running, and I’m about to fold towels.  Multi-tasking is my name! 🙂  Goodnight!


~ by btitsworth on August 31, 2010.

One Response to “A Few Pictures…”

  1. Hey Brandy, you dont remember me, but I found you over a year ago (I have no idea how haha) but I had a preemie at 28 weeks, size of a 23 week old, and I loved reading your old blog. I recently was reading old blogs and found your again (or, your new one now). I see you have another one, I would love to hear about what you’ve been up to, how the 2nd one went, all that jazz 🙂 We are expecting our 2 this fall, with devon our first doing great as well. Write back to bree.gibbons@yahoo.com to update me when you get a chance 🙂

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