It’s Friday!

Look at this sweet face! Isn't she darling?

Emma starts her dance class on Tuesday and we still needed to buy her tan tap shoes so we headed over to Spell’s today.  I splurged and bought her a new pink leotard too b/c she didn’t have one and they had a 20% off coupon.  🙂  Coupons make spending money fun!

We had so much fun putting on her new dance attire and she danced around all afternoon.  Let me just tell you…Emma is my big performer.  She loves to put on a show and it is so cute.  Her favorite place to go at Bridgestreet is Barnes-N-Noble b/c they have that huge stage in the kid’s section.  She likes to run back there and mommy announces her to the make-believe audience and she jumps out from behind whatever is there and puts on a song & dance.  Oh and when she first jumps out she shouts “that’s me!”  ha ha.  She’s such a character.  Maybe she will be a Broadway performer when she grows up.  I could deal with that!

Yesterday Emma was playing with her chalk board and drew a snowman! Who knows why she's drawing Frosty in 95 degree heat! I thought she did a wonderful job though.


~ by btitsworth on August 27, 2010.

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