God Our Father, God Our Father…

We got face, We got face.  So that is supposed to read “we give thanks, we give thanks.”  That’s the little prayer that Emma sings at MDO before snacks & lunch.  Her teacher said we could work on it and the Pledge of Allegiance so I started singing it in the car that afternoon.  Well Emma informed me that “mommy, that is not right”, and her version was much better!  She sure does crack me up!  She is absolutely loving school and I love dropping her off & picking her up.  She always has the biggest smile on her face!

As for Mr. H, he is such a monkey these days.  All he wants to do is use my hands to stand up and he is so close to crawling!  He’ll get on all fours and attempt to move but falls on his belly.  Then he gets so frustrated that he can’t reach his toys and screams.  He has also started screaming and crying for me when I leave the room.  Pretty much he has to be with me at all times during the day or he is not happy.  🙂  Such a stinker!  I’m excited for his 9 month appt tomorrow and NO shots!  Pics and stats to come.

So far my first month of Thirty-One is going well.  I LOVE doing this and it gives me something to work towards.  I love bringing in a few extra dollars for the family especially since I’m always spending it.  🙂  Here’s a couple of tables FULL of Thirty-One products!


I just love our products and all the cutesy patterns.  🙂

I’m off to snuggle with my G and drink some coffee before hitting the sack!  Pictures to come tomorrow!


~ by btitsworth on August 23, 2010.

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