Emma’s First Day of Mother’s Day Out

After several months of anticipation, Emma started Mother’s Day Out!  She is only going on Tuesday & Thursdays from 9-1 but it is still a big step.  Luckily it is not quite as hard after doing the daycare thing for 6 months last year but it was still sweet.  Our morning started off a little rough with Emma dressing herself with blue stamps all up & down her left arm but we managed.  Normally her school has a drop off line in the morning & afternoon so we don’t have to get out of the car which is awesome in my opinion (esp with Hudson) but this morning I wanted to walk her in.

She was in the shade so it's not that great but she was so proud of her back pack and Hello kitty lunch box!

So far I really like her teacher Mrs. Lorene.  She also has a helper, Mrs. Lupe.  Both women have been teaching for years and I have heard the best things from other friends about them.  I think it will be a wonderful first year.  Yesterday we had orientation from 10-11 with the other parents/children.  Then this morning we were the first ones there so Mrs. Lorene showed Emma how to put her backpack in the cubby with her name on it before she walks in the room every morning and she has to set her lunchbox on top.  Once we did that she walked right in and sat down at the table where there was a puzzle waiting.

Until the teacher learns everyones name she has them wear name tags on their back.

I snapped a couple of photos, gave her a big kiss, and she didn’t even acknowledge me after that!  Hudson and I watched her for just a minute outside the class and then we left when Hudson spit up all over my arm & hand.  🙂  On the way out I ran into another mom who lives in our neighborhood who has twin boys that are 4.5 and an almost 2 year old boy.  We are hoping to get together b/c they live so close.  We’ve talked a couple of times before and she is so nice!

Oh, I almost forgot.   This is the class tree on the door and it is so cute.

After we left Hudson and I headed to the gym for a workout and now he is ready to eat!  I’m so excited to pick Emma up and hear all about her first day!


~ by btitsworth on August 10, 2010.

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