“Aunt Brandy, can I play Mario on your computer?”

Sweet little monkeys ready to start the day!

Look at those sweet little faces!  I already miss the Wheeler clan and our house is just so quiet without our cute little cousins.  😦  My SIL and her family spent the past week with us and we have had such a wonderful time.  At times our house was a little crazy with 8 people but we seriously had a blast!  Emma is going to be so lonely next week.

Every morning Graham-bo went to camp at Sci-Quest and on Monday we all went so Emma and Isaac could play.  Then in the evenings we did putt putt, Point Mallard Water Park, and I can’t even remember what else right now.  Oh the big boys went to the Star Wars exhibit at the Space & Rocket Center.  I think my favorite thing this week though was the thousands of requests each day to play either my computer, Aunt Beth’s computer, DS, or a phone.  Our little monkeys are so tech savvy and I seriously can’t remember how many times a day they would ask to play one of those objects.  Growing up, computers weren’t a big part of my life until I was in high school and I didn’t even own a cell phone until my first year of college so this is all so funny to me.  🙂

But seriously, I LOVED having them all here and look forward to them coming back in the fall!

Now on to the pictures!  Here’s just a few of the kiddos and somehow several of Hudson.  Which reminds me that he turned 8 months old today!  I’ll do a post for that tomorrow.  Mr. H has had a big week.  Enjoy!

The kiddos were so excited to ride the rhino after an exciting game of putt putt and mosquito bites.

I believe it was Wednesday night that Hudson tried Biter Biscuits for the first time.  He LOVES them!  He’s had several since then and does really well.  They are super messy but they are great for when I clean the kitchen or while we are eating dinner and he’s just sitting there.

Where have you been hiding these my entire life??

Then last night he tried a sippy cup for the first time!  I still can’t believe we are at this point with him.  He is just growing way too fast.  I mixed a small amount of apple juice with some water and he’s still learning how to get it out but today he did really well.  Little man has 6 teeth now and he loves to chew on the sippy cute spout.

Very excited to try the sippy cup!

He chews on everything like a puppy!

This morning Isaac and Emma were being so cute with each other.  Since they are only 5 weeks apart they bicker about everything like they are brother and sister.  It’s really cute and sometimes really annoying but they love each other.  They got a kick out of posing for me and kept hugging.  Then they both had to see themselves.


While Uncle Rob was packing the suitcases the kids dressed up and were dancing.  I was recording it on the video camera and then they would run over and fight over sitting in my lap and Emma wanted to hold the camera.  Silly little cuties!

Dancing Divas 🙂

And last but not least, Hudson trying a banana today.  He loved it!  I put some of it into a mesh feeder but most of it I just tore off into little pieces and helped him eat b/c it was too slippery.  He was chomping down on some banana and he was doing so well with his sippy cup.  Emma loves that he is getting bigger like her and she had to have part of his banana and a sippy cup just like H’s with her own apple juice.


I feel like this post is a big jumbled mess but I am in a zone tonight.  I took a 1.5 nap after G got home this evening and it felt so good.  We’ve stayed up late every night this past week and then been on the go all day so it felt wonderful.  Thank you Aunt Beth, Uncle Rob, Graham, and Isaac for spending the week with us!  We hope you had fun at our house and look forward to you coming back soon.  We miss you already!


~ by btitsworth on July 24, 2010.

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