Eeny Meeny Miny Mo…

Catch a tiger by its toe!  🙂

Remember that rhyme as a kid?  I do and I always loved playing.  A few weeks ago I did it with Emma and now she is hooked.  Last night after her bath she got out 4 different pairs of pajamas and started doing eeny meeny mino mo and it’s the cutest thing you’ve ever heard.  Seriously!  Emma has the cutest little girly voice.  Then this morning she got out about 50 pairs of panties and she comes running into the living room to tell me that her Ni Hao, Kai Lan panties with glitter had won!  ha!  She’s so funny.  I just can’t believe she had memorized the entire rhyme after 1 time hearing it.  She’s getting so big.  Which reminds me that in less than 1 month she will be in MDO 2 whole days a week.  Just for 4 hours each day.  She is so incredibly excited and I’m excited for her.  She will love it.

So I had big plans to blog about our big week last week but it overwhelms me to think about everything that we did so I’ll skip it and just say that we visited several people, went swimming twice, had princess camp every day of the week, followed by a 15 minute show for the parents on Friday.  Let me tell you about that!  Emma has never performed in front of a crowd before and there were probably 20 people there.  Ru Rus told me that before the kids walked into the dance studio Emma just fell to the ground face first.  The girl is so dramatic.  Then about 12 or so little princesses come walking in the door with their tutus, capes, and huge flower head pieces.   It was a sight to see.  They all come in and start doing their thing and what does Emma do?  She falls to the ground again.  It was so funny!  I was laughing and my video was shaking I was laughing so hard.  Aunt Beth picked her up but Emma wouldn’t do the other stuff.  Then they all go to the wall to wait their turn.  Emma ended up being the last one to run up to Aunt Beth and curtsy but she finally did it.  I was so proud!  She starts dance classes in August too and I really hope she doesn’t lay down on the floor at recital.  🙂

I snapped a few pictures tonight so enjoy!

Snow White and her favorite Dwarf 🙂

We bought water balloons over the weekend so every evening we fill several up and throw them at each other. 🙂

With Hudson's four teeth he is constantly making this face right now.

My two favorite boys!

Look at that sweet face!

I also wanted to share a few pictures of Emma from 2008.  It is so much fun to go back and see Emma’s cute little face and just see how small she was.

July 12, 2008 with her cousins

July 14, 2008 swimming with Kelsey at my Granny Scott's house

July 16, 2008 Exhausted little girl!

Wow, she has changed so much in 2 years!  Love my little princess!


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