Lake Guntersville

On Saturday we drove to Lake Guntersville to visit our friends who had rented a cabin for a few days.  We had so much fun!  It was Emma’s first time to swim in the lake and she loved it.  Here she is with me and Ashli on the jet ski.  We just put her on it so she could sit with us and we just idled around.  Then for whatever reason we were going in a circle (not using the gas) and we all 3 flipped over.  It happened so fast and I couldn’t even hold my breath.  I grabbed Emma and my first thought was what if it hits her on the head but luckily the jet ski didn’t flip.  I was about sick to my stomach.  That is the last time we’ll let her sit on a jet ski till she’s 30! 

Ashli and BJ had this huge float thingy and it was so comfortable!  It had little seats on the top but the kids and I loved the little hole in the middle.  I could have sat there all day with my babies!

Emma caught a fish!!!  I couldn’t believe it but here she is with her daddy showing off her cute little fishy.  She ended up throwing it back in the water and she will quickly tell you that she had to wash off her hands b/c the fish was dirty.  🙂  So proud of her!

Here’s Emma and Justin fishing later in the day.  Justin and George were best friends growing up and he was so good with Emma and Hudson. 

Unfortunately Emma brought home a nasty mosquito bite from the lake.  She woke up with a swollen arm on Sunday and we gave her 2 doses of Benadryl.  It’s nasty looking and her skin is really tight and warm.  I called the pedi today and they said to bring her in.  Sure enough, she has a secondary skin infection.  She’s on 10 days of antibiotics.  It’s something she’s never had before.  She also has a big ugly bite on her back too and it is itching her like crazy.  The pedi thinks she just had a really bad allergic reaction to this one and then with her body trying to fight the infection the one on her back has gotten worse.  Poor baby!  The same thing happened about a month ago on her leg too. 

One of Emma’s favorite things to do it play dance class.  Emma is all GIRL and I love it!  Everyday she is either in a princess dress or her ballerina outfit.  She also only wants to wear a twirly skirt or dress.  🙂  So today we played dance class which takes place in Hudson’s room.  What a doll!

Performing one of her dance moves

And to top it off, the somersault!  Don’t you love her Snow White panties showing through?  🙂  She’s a hoot!


~ by btitsworth on June 29, 2010.

One Response to “Lake Guntersville”

  1. Your daughter is a delight – thank you for sharing your story. Found you through twitter when you posted about visiting Lake Guntersville.

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