CMT Music Awards 2010

Ashli and I had such a wonderful time the CMT Awards on Wednesday! I love country music and there were so many of them there. Unfortunately I never saw Kenny but that’s okay.
George took the day off for me b/c I had planned to get my hair colored (I’ve got tons of gray) and get my makeup done and it was hard to find a babysitter. So I got pampered that morning and then we left not long after lunch.

We ended up parking the car at our friend Sara’s house and took a cab downtown so we wouldn’t have to worry about traffic. It was wonderful! They dropped us off out front and we headed down to the Hard Rock Cafe for a quick appetizer and drink.

Then we headed back to the Bridgestone Arena around 5pm b/c the doors opened at 5:45. This is just some of the crowd. The Red carpet (it was actually blue) was to the side of the arena and we couldn’t see any of it.

We were excited!

Once we found our seats (in the nose bleed!) this is what we saw…really there were no bad seats b/c they had those huge screens.

CMT Music Awards 2010!

Close up!

This is where the artist sat…we had some binoculars so we scoped them out the ENTIRE time! Several of them were on their phones the entire time probably tweeting.

Luckily they kept the lights on them most of the show so we could always see them.

The finale with the confetti was so cool! I loved every part of it except when Paula Dean came out with Snookie and The Situation. That was just so awkward and I don’t know who invited them but it was lame-o! Well not Paula Dean but the other two. Such a wonderful experience and now we are determined to become seat fillers. 🙂 Anyone know how to hook me up?? We are already planning our trip to the CMA’s in November too. Woohoo!


~ by btitsworth on June 11, 2010.

One Response to “CMT Music Awards 2010”

  1. you look great. I hope it was so fun… the part about snookie and the situation made me laugh.

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