Cute Cute Cute!

Emma loves to jump in the crib with Hudson when he wakes up. She’ll hear him on the monitor and take off running in his room and squeal “HUDSON! he’s awake mommy, he’s awake!” It’s so very cute. This morning I decided to snap a few pictures of them since we don’t have a lot of them together.
I never could get Emma to open her eyes.

Hudson kept plunging toward me probably b/c he wanted the camera.

Emma decided she doesn’t like pictures or so she says, so I snapped more of Hudson.

I totally dig those blue eyes. Never mentioned that before have I?

You can see his 2 teeth really well in this picture!

My little drooler…gosh I just love my two kiddos!

We aren’t doing too much this afternoon. We met G for lunch at Earthfare and now Hudson is jumping so hard in his jumparoo I’m afraid he’s trying to jump out! 🙂 Oh did I mention he is done with his baby swing? I said something to G the other day about taking it down and he said now we can sell it. I secretly wanted to cry. I hate the thought of selling all of the baby stuff. I know I said I was done with the whole being pregnant business but Hudson has been so incredibly perfect it just makes it that much harder. His whole baby stage so far has been a walk in the park and he’s just growing too fast. But them G keeps reminding me that he will one day be a back talking 2 year old. Not my sweet Hudson! 🙂 Love me some babies!

Anywho, last Saturday we started repainting our shutters on the house and we have 3 completed. Our house looks lovely right now! 🙂 I’m hoping it won’t rain tonight so we can paint the other 7 when G gets home. The weeds have also taken over my flower beds and I must pick them before my lilies get lost in the craziness! Have I mentioned how beautiful my lilies are??? I need to take a new picture. So if anyone is looking to mow the yard, pick weeds, or paint shutters just stop by our house tonight and we’ll have lots of fun!


~ by btitsworth on June 3, 2010.

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