I Love My Life!

We had such a wonderful day today. I am just so happy that summer is here and I’m looking forward to lots of outside time with Emma. Today we met Daddy at Tommy’s Pizza (ma fav!) for lunch, then we spent the afternoon playing in the fountains at Bridgestreet. I love that place! Emma had a blast and kept kicking the water when it would shoot up. Silly girl! Hudson slept part of the time but he enjoyed getting his feet wet too. At one point we took a break and got some frozen yogurt which we love! The kids were just perfect and napped on the way home. A perfect day!

Emma kicking the water

Wouldn’t it be nice to be a baby sometimes and just sleep wherever? 🙂

I also wanted to document a few things that Emma has said recently that I think are funny. Yesterday we stopped by Ashli’s house and she gave me an extra cherry slush for Emma. When Emma woke up I asked her if she wanted to try it and she said “no mommy I don’t like it.” Fast forward a few minutes and she starts asking me for the cup. She then tells me “my friends said that I would like it so I like it mommy b/c my friends tell me that I like it.” It was so funny!

Also last night she got mad for a second and threw down her leapster on the floor after I told her not to. I got onto her for it and told her we needed to brush her teeth. She pops up and we are walking and she says “it’s okay mommy i didn’t mean to. I’m sorry mommy” and then she grabs my leg and says “we’re still friends mommy, it’s okay.” She is such a doll. Love her to death!

She’s said other funny things but I can’t think right now. Oh I know one thing-she calls pancakes “panacakes” and it is so incredibly cute. She even has me calling them panacakes now!

That’s all for tonight. The American Idol finale is on!


~ by btitsworth on May 27, 2010.

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