Our Fun & Busy Day!

Recently our mornings have been starting around 6am and that is so not cool. Seriously, I don’t know why Hudson thinks he should get up that early but it is absolute nonsense and it needs to stop. 🙂
I remember earlier in the week we had one of our early mornings and it just seemed to drag by. Well Emma asked for some cookies b/c we have this huge container of chocolate chunk cookie dough just calling our name in the fridge and so I said sure. Well I walk into the kitchen to turn on the oven thinking it was 10am but wouldn’t you know, it was only 7:30! ha ha! I couldn’t believe it but being the cookie freak that I am I made us some cookies. 🙂 Shh, don’t tell anybody.

On to today. We made it to the gym so Mommy could work off all of the calories from those darn chocolate chunk cookies I keep eating and I had a great workout. We won’t mention that when I got home I made new cookies and ate those so all those calories I just burned off…blah!
After the gym I promised Emma we would hit up Chic-Fil-A b/c that seems to be her new fav spot. Well the little stinker has never been able to climb those steps in the play area until today. I was finishing up my lunch and let her go play and she walked into the playroom by herself and took off her shoes. She’s such a big girl these days. Then after a few tries she was able to climb all the way to the top like a big girl and I was so proud! It was so cute when she made it up the first step and she looked right at me and had this huge smile on her face like she was on top of the world and I just wanted to stand up and start clapping. 🙂 I’m just so proud of her and her determination.

After lunch we came home for a little bit and then headed over to our new friend’s house for a swim date! We met Denise and her girls Mary Selwyn & Adeline through my friend Christy and they are so much fun! Unfortunately, their family is having to move back to Dothan, AL in a couple of weeks and I’m so bummed. We all seem to get along so well and I was really looking forward to another family with small children and now they are being taken away. But I’m really hoping we can stay in touch. Dothan isn’t too terribly far away is it?
Anyways, they are living in an apt right now so we hung out at the kiddie pool today and it was gorgeous! Emma loves all water so she had a blast and Hudson slept the entire time. I even managed to squeeze back into my bathing suit which almost cut off my circulation but it worked. 🙂 Here’s a few pictures from our day!

Mary Selwyn (age 2.5) and Emma

Emma being silly. Oh and she wore this same bathing suit last year & it’s a 2T!

Adeline (age 1) just loved Hudson and enjoyed giving him hugs. He thought she was rather cute and kept smiling at her. Love me some babies!

We didn’t get home until after 5pm, I’m sunburned on the back, and ready to watch Grey’s Anatomy and hit the bed. Gabby & Ru-Rus are coming down tomorrow to spend the night and attend the Chicago concert that the Hospital Foundation is hosting. We are super excited to see them and have been cleaning our nasty house all night. 🙂 Good night!


~ by btitsworth on May 14, 2010.

One Response to “Our Fun & Busy Day!”

  1. You did have a busy day. Thanks for coming to play…it was so fun. I need you to email me copies of these pictures or put them of fb…they are too cute.

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