Poor Emma!

Right before George got home from work today Emma somehow busted her lip on the rocking chair ottoman. I don’t know how she manages to always hurt herself but she does. Poor thing cried and lots of blood was coming out but she’s okay. It sure does look painful!

This was Hudson from yesterday I think. We were playing in Emma’s room so I propped him up on her pillow. He looks thrilled doesn’t he?

Today I was giving Emma dance lessons (poor child!) and she wore her leotard and skirt that Aunt Beth bought her. She loves to dance & I’m hoping we spare some extra money each month in the fall & enroll her in dance lessons.

I have still been under the weather from this stinky stomach virus so G sent me flowers to the house today! I was super surprised. They are absolutely gorgeous and smell so wonderful! Emma kept saying that daddy sent them to her and she was so happy so I told her we could share. šŸ™‚


~ by btitsworth on April 30, 2010.

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