So Ready for Swimming!

With our incredibly warm weather finally here I bought Emma and Hudson a nice big (not really) pink swimming pool at BRU yesterday. Emma was so excited to put her swimming suit (2T still) on jump in the water. Well that was until we had 3 bumblebees scare the bajeesus out of us! But mommy saved the day and squashed 2 of those bees! šŸ™‚ There was lots of squealing involved and a few girly jumps but luckily no one was watching.

She can be the sweetest thing when she wants!

Hudson got hungry while she was playing so I moved the chair and bouncy seat in front of our back door so I could feed him and watch her at the same time. I’m learning to handle them both but sometimes it is a challenge. Anyways, Emma ran in and I had her hold his bottle while I snapped some cute pictures of his blue eyes.

Last night George and I met with a personal trainer at this new Empire Fitness in Madison. They give you 2 weeks free and 2 free sessions so we took advantage. They also provide free childcare & that was absolutely wonderful! Emma had so much fun and didn’t cry one bit and the workers had fun passing Hudson around and of course he was a doll. The kids and I went back today and it was so nice to hand them off to play while I worked out for a whole 3o minutes with NO interruptions and quiet time. There weren’t any kids while we were there today so Emma did not like that and she cried a little at first but then she was fine. She kept asking where the other boys and girls were at!

We’ve got a super busy weekend ahead and hopefully I’ll make time to post more pictures!


~ by btitsworth on April 16, 2010.

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