And We’re Back!

I haven’t felt like blogging the past several days but I am back! We were busy last week with dr’s appts at the end of the week and didn’t do too much over the weekend. Hudson saw Dr. Dudley on Wednesday for something and he weighed 14 lbs 2 oz! Such a chunk! Then Emma saw Dr. Judy on Thursday for a check up and her lungs sounded great. We get to cut back on her Symbicort to once a day and we go back in 4 months. He is talking about cutting her dosage in half too since she’s on the highest dose right now and maybe next summer she will get to come off it completely! They won’t take her off during the winter months so that’s why there is no possibility until next year. We always love going to Dr. Judy & Dr. Mahesh’s office!

Now on to the pictures…

Emma is still obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba and the other day she drew these pictures all by herself and did the writing. I was feeding Hudson and had to take a pic when I saw it! This is her version of YGG and she tried to write their names. 🙂

Emma had mommy draw them last week while Kelsey was here and I really think Emma’s look much better!

Hudson in his bath last night. He loves to splash & kick his legs & we end up making a huge mess on the bathroom floor!

Some tummy time today! He’s getting so much better.

And some cute faces of miss Emma! Such a character as always!


~ by btitsworth on March 16, 2010.

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