Been Awhile!

It feels like I’ve been gone forever from the blogworld but I guess it’s only been maybe a week. We took the kids home for the 1st time since Hudson’s been born and we hadn’t been home since last August or September! That’s definitely the longest stretch of time that we’ve not been to Cookeville/Sparta ever!

Last Wednesday the 10th was Emma’s 3rd birthday and we just stayed around the house since George had to work. We did go to Emma & Grace’s house for a playdate and then had a nice spaghetti dinner & opened just a couple of presents. We only got her a few little things b/c we plan to purchase a wooden swingset soon. Then on Thursday night after George got home from work we headed to TN and just got home yesterday. We had lots of people to see so there was no downtime but it was fun. Now we are back to hanging around the house and enjoyed the snow this morning! 🙂

Emma on the morning of her birthday. I couldn’t get her to stop watching tv long enough for a picture!

Emma & Grace got her this cute Dora dress up outfit and she loves it! She wants to wear it all the time & twirl around like a princess.

Emma & Isaac LOVE the computer and can navigate by themselves on NickJr, PBS Kids, and Disney Playhouse. I caught them playing on it and had to snap some pictures.

They didn’t know I was watching!

These pictures are from my Granny Scott’s house. Kay, who has known me forever & lives down the street from Granny, came down to see Emma & Hudson. My cousin Kelsey also came down & loved on Hudson. He looks so peaceful & content…

Emma, Granny Scott, Kelsey and Hudson

Kelsey & Hudson snuggling

On Saturday we headed over to Granny Dunham’s house & she got in on the Hudson snuggling. He is such a great snuggler. 🙂 Granny cooked us some yummy food & we got to see Uncle Arnold too. I’m ready to go back home!

Relaxing on the couch

We are home & finishing up laundry and George is off to work. I’m super excited about this week b/c Thursday night is the Jason Aldean concert & Ashli and I are pumped about going! He’s a country artist for those that don’t know.

Time to get busy!


~ by btitsworth on February 15, 2010.

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