Some New Pics…

Not too much to report right now & I’m trying to hurry with this post before Hudson wakes up and is ready to eat! When the boy is hungry he is hungry NOW! He does this cute little fake cough thing when he’s hungry and let me tell you, it is so sweet! 🙂

Last weekend George’s parents came down to watch the kiddos while G and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary. We are so thankful that they can come down and babysit for us. On Friday night we went to Connor’s at Bridgestreet and on Saturday we watched Avatar. Great movie! I had a wonderful time with George and can’t wait for our next date night.

Nothing new with the kiddos besides getting ready for Emma’s 3rd birthday in 2 weeks! Can you believe she’ll be 3? Not me. I’ve been having some major anxiety over it (like I do for every birthday) and today I ordered her party supplies. I wasn’t going to do a party this year but she keeps talking about having one so we decided to invite a few kids over for pizza, cake, and ice cream. Oh and she officially decided on a Yo Gabba Gabba party! She’s so obsessed with that show & I’m so sick of watching it! 🙂 But definitely looking forward to the party.

Now for some new pics! These were taken yesterday of Hudson…

He loves to smile at his mommy!

9 weeks old already!

This was taken this morning while I was changing brother’s diaper. Emma kept saying “take one of me!” Notice her big yellow bruise? She is so clumsy! She ran into the counters or something in the kitchen over the weekend & that was the result. I’ll always ask her “Emma, are you clumsy?” b/c she is and she’ll say “no mommy, I’m Emma Bemma!” So funny!

I love this picture! Emma brought Roselyn in and had to lay her next to Hudson. G’s parents got this cabbage patch doll for her when Hudson was born and she loves her. Hudson & Roselyn kind of look alike don’t ya think? 🙂


~ by btitsworth on January 27, 2010.

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