Some New Pics

On Wednesday night our friends Jessica and Cassie came over for a visit with their little ones. Jessica had Miss Hayden 1.5 weeks before Hudson was born and Cassie has an 8 month old named Kynsleigh. Hudson slept through most of the visit while Hayden decided to grace me with a dirty diaper as soon as I started holding her! She was much more alert than Hudson but Hudson is starting to become more alert each day. They are future boyfriend/girlfriend. 🙂

Check out this position! Doesn’t look comfortable does it? This was Wed night at 9 days old.

Yesterday Gabby & Ru-Rus came back down to help watch the kids while George took me to the doctor and to run a few errands. I believe it was Ru-Rus’s 1st time holding Hudson. I think he likes him!

And this is from a few minutes ago in the swing at 11 days old. He has been much more alert & awake today and his so incredibly cute! He is such a good baby so far and I’m loving the newborn stage that we missed out on with Emma. Last night he only woke up to eat at 11:30pm, 3:30am, and then at 7am! It was awesome!

Close up!

Tonight we might take Emma to the Botanical Gardens to drive through and see the lights. We’ve always wanted to go but never have. Then on Monday Hudson goes back to the pediatrician for his official newborn visit and then George is back to work. 😦 I dread him going back to work but I think Gabby is going to come back down and help me out with the munchkins. I sure will need it!


~ by btitsworth on December 4, 2009.

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