Hudson’s Birthday Eve!

In honor of Hudson’s big birth tomorrow I thought I would post some pictures from Miss Emma’s first few days of life. Her beginning was so much different and it is so hard to look back at these pictures now with Hudson arriving tomorrow. Just knowing that she was only 1 lb and had to fight so hard for her little life & then Hudson should be in the 5 lb range and healthy just blows my mind. I’m so excited to have an easier delivery & hopefully no NICU stay, and it just breaks my heart to think of what my precious little girl had to go through. So in honor of Mr. Hudson’s arrival here are a few pictures of Emma’s arrival. I can’t wait for her to meet her big baby brother! It’s going to be such a sweet day!

One of Emma’s first pics…these pics don’t do her 1 lb body justice. You just had to see her in person to realize just how small she was. I thought the day would never come when all of the tubes & wires would come off.
Her sweet little pink bow!

I always hated how the tape/tubes pulled on her little face. 😦 She just looks so peaceful and precious here.

I can’t wait to share pictures of Hudson and hopefully bring him home on Thanksgiving or Friday. I have really enjoyed this pregnancy and can’t believe I made it to 35 weeks! Tomorrow at this time I plan on snuggling with my new baby boy and giving him lots of hugs and kisses!


~ by btitsworth on November 22, 2009.

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