Emma Has Something To Say…

Yes, you read right! We are very excited to be expecting baby #2 in December! I am in my 12th week right now and had my appt today with Dr. Cimino. So far everything is looking great. My due date is 12/26 but I have to have another c-section so he will deliver me at 38 weeks (first wk of December) if I don’t deliver before. I am so stinkin scared after everything we went through with Emma but lots of women go on to deliver full term healthy babies the 2nd time. We could use lots of prayers and good thoughts!

This time around I decided to rent a fetal heart dopplar too so that has put me at ease tremendously. I’ve had 2 miscarriages (both at Christmastime) so being able to hear little bean’s heartbeat is so wonderful. Today the h/b was 147. When we check the h/b at home Emma likes to say “listen to baby in belly” and it is so sweet. She doesn’t quite understand but she does talk about the baby in my belly.

So far I’ve felt pretty good with no morning sickness but the occasional queasiness. I’ve had lots fo headaches, minor dizziness, and lots of heartburn! But nothing much to complain about b/c I am very lucky to not be sick during pregnancy. We are so very excited and I can’t wait to share my HEALTHY pregnancy with everyone! šŸ™‚


~ by btitsworth on June 16, 2009.

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