Happy 27th Birthday Daddy!!!

Today is my sweet Georgie’s 27th birthday! We’ve had a very relaxing weekend and got to go see a movie and have dinner last night while his parents watched Emma. It was really nice. We even got to walk around Bridgestreet and shop a little bit. For his birthday I got him a new video card for the computer, more memory, and the new 311 CD from Emma. His parents got him lots of new shelves for our garage and some money. I’m thinking we might be getting old since we got shelves for a birthday! Just kidding, we really needed the shelves and our garage is looking very nice! Thanks Ru-Rus for all of the hard work.
Then this morning about 20 of us went to the Cracker Barrel in Athens for breakfast and then some of our friends came back to the house for cake/ice cream. Yesterday I made G a cake and it was so yummy! I love the buttercream icing and cakes are alot of fun to make (and eat!).

Now on to the pictures. Gabby had a friend that I went to high school with make Emma this cute apron. She loves to wear it around the house in her high heels. Too funny!

Here’s George’s cake that I made. Emma helped make the cake and she was also my taste tester for the icing!

This morning before breakfast G opened his gifts. Actually Emma opened his gifts and kept the money! What a smart smart girl!

Reading Daddy’s card…

And checking out the new 311 CD that she got Daddy

Daddy blowing out his candles!

We had such a wonderful weekend and as usual we were very sad when Gabby & Ru-Rus left for TN. After they pulled out of the driveway Emma wanted to get in our car and go with them. She started crying b/c we couldn’t go. So sad! I imagine as she gets older it will get harder for her when our guest leave. Come back soon Gabby & Ru-Rus!


~ by btitsworth on June 14, 2009.

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