Friday Night Fun!

Most Friday nights we just lounge around the house b/c we are so tired from the week. So after work yesterday Emma and I took a fun filled trip to Target! We both love going to Target and like to see just how much money we can spend. šŸ™‚ Don’t tell Daddy. We ended up buying 2 outside chairs and Emma loves sitting in her new chair in the house. As if she doesn’t have enough chairs right now. Then we came home and ate spaghetti and spent the evening playing in Emma’s room. We don’t get to play with her toys as much now that she’s in school all day so she’s always excited to play in her room. Makes Mommy sad! Here are a couple of cute pics from our Friday night!

We were playing with her babies and feeding them Cheerios! Emma pretended to feed the baby but then she would actually eat the Cheerios. We are all about pretend play.

I run to the bathroom for a sec and come back to find Emma in her pink furry high heels! She has never liked wearing them until last night and first thing this morning she puts those on! It cracks me up. Somewhere she has learned about skating so last night she kept trying to roller skate in them and was talking about going skating. Where in the world did she learn that? Must have been at school. Also, you can see her new nebulizer/inhaler in the picture. We visited Dr. Mahesh last week and we are switching her over to something more like an inhaler with Symbicort. It is sooo much quicker and we only wash it once a week! Emma loves doing it too. First, we shake the meds up for 5 seconds, then we push the button (inhaler), and then she holds the mask up to her face and takes 6-8 deep breaths. We do this 4x’s a day, 2 in the morning/2 night. Dr. Mahesh wants her to do this for the next year just to help her lungs stay strong and then next summer we will reevaluate if she needs it or not.

She was in the middle of skating around the living room!

We’ve got a busy day today of straightening up the house and playing outside! Then at 4pm we have our Northrop Grumman Summer Picnic down at Dittos Landing and it’s going to be sooo much fun! They have tons of inflatables for the kids and separate stuff for toddlers. The food is super good too and I just love summer picnics. I hope everyone has a wonderful sunny weekend!
Oh and Happy Birthday Ru-Rus! Yesterday was Ru-Rus’s birthday!!!

~ by btitsworth on June 6, 2009.

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