Happy Mother’s Day!

Today has been such a wonderful Mother’s Day! Emma & George did a great job with my gifts and I couldn’t be happier. I got to sleep in this morning and when I came out to the living room my gifts were waiting for me. I got some beautiful flowers & a plant that I can take to work. I also got some yummy chocolate from the Chocolate Crocodile which is my favorite! One of my favorite gifts is a collage of Emma’s artwork from school. She is always coming home with different artwork so George made a picture using some of it. It is so cute! He had planned on making two of them but he accidentally broke the glass to the other one last night. Then I also got an Anthropologie gift card!!! I’ve always loved that store & always want stuff from there but it is so expensive. So I normally do imaginary shopping online but now I can really buy clothes from there. How exciting is that?! Thank you George & Emma for such a wonderful Mother’s Day. We topped the morning off with Cracker Barrel and plan to grill out for dinner. Yay for fun family time!

Emma wanted her picture taken!

My beautiful plant/flowers.

Emma’s artwork…is that not awesome how he put it all together? LOVE it!

And Emma being cute. Happy Mother’s Day!


~ by btitsworth on May 10, 2009.

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