My Sick Baby :(

Well once again miss Emma is sick. On Sunday she started running a 104 temp, had nasty diarrhea, coughing, runny nose, etc so we took her in to see Dr. Dudley yesterday. Emma has a really really bad left ear infection (her first) and the flu! I never would’ve guessed the flu but apparently it is a different strain from our flu shot. Apparently I probably had the flu too the pedi said b/c I had the exact symptoms for this strain. Whoops! Now Emma is on another 10 day dose of Augmentin (exactly 1 wk from when we stopped the last dose) and Albuterol in her nebulizer 3x’s a day and Pulmicort 2x’s a day. Recently I can’t get her to take her nebulizer so it is a struggle. I guess we’ve been doing it too long for her. But on the upside, she is doing much better today and mommy is staying home with her for an extra day of rest.

Since she hasn’t been eating very well the past couple of days mommy brought her some M&M’s home after work on Monday. I also got some plastic easter eggs from the Dollar General and came home, hid them from her, and put some candy in them. She LOVES finding easter eggs! Something different to do. So here are some pics…

Found a green egg!

Oh, what’s in here?

Is that money??? I put some coins in them after the candy and she loves finding money!

Happy sick girl! Mommy would say “cha-ching!” when she dropped her coins in her bank and she thought that was so funny!


~ by btitsworth on March 17, 2009.

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