The Boys Are Back In Town…

First of all, we are back in AL and had a wonderful Christmas! Emma was so great throughout the whole trip and got lots and lots of toys. In fact today I am boxing up her old toys for storage and replacing them with her new toys. We had such a great trip but if feels good to be home too. I plan on posting lots of Christmas pics but it will take some time to sort through so for now here are some other things that have been going on the past couple of days.
My 2 youngest brothers and step-mom Betsy drove in from TX. I LOVE my baby brothers sooo much and I always look forward to seeing them. Hunter, my big bear of a brother, just celebrated his 19th birthday on 12/27 so George and I made him a birthday cake which was awesome! They also got to see our Granny Dunham and Uncle Arnold before staying 2 nights with us in Alabama. I was so sad to see them leave this morning but I hope to see them again this summer. So here are some pics of our visit…
Hunter, Granny D, Chandler

Chandler playing on his IPhone which is what he always does! And Hunter with a cute eyes closed smile. 🙂

Chandler and Miss Emma. He looks so much like my dad!

Hunter Dunter and Emma Bemma!
Hunter making Emma smile by throwing her up in the air. Have I mentioned that I have the best brothers ever?!
Happy 19th Birthday Hunter!
Hunter posing with the cake
About to dig in!
And my babies…My mom got Emma this tent for Christmas and it just pops up. Emma LOVES this tent! Braxton and Lily do too.

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! I hope to post more pics soon. We’ve got a busy next couple of days. Emma has conjuctivitis (pink eye) and we took her to the dr today. Her poor little left eye has been so swollen, red, and yucky. You can kind of tell in the pics that it is red. It definitely looks worse today. We are giving her eye drops 3x a day and we also got more Augmentin in case it is infected. The pedi was worried b/c it is so red and we don’t want it to get into her eye tissue or something like that. So hopefully it will get better and not worse!

More to come later!

~ by btitsworth on December 30, 2008.

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