Happy 1st Birthday Addie and Alex!

Addie and Alex celebrated their 1st birthday with us tonight at Rosie’s. I hadn’t seen them in person in about 3 months and they have grown so much! Alex was so quiet and Miss Addie was trying to shove everything in her mouth!

Emma, Me, Jennifer, and Addie

Handsome little Alex! He’s my blue-eyed lil man that likes to flirt. Don’t you just want to pinch those chubby little cheeks? Emma loves to talk about Alex.

Jennifer and her princess Addie. Addie is a total mommy’s girl and when I tried to hold her after dinner she wanted nothing to do with me! She really liked flirting with George. Watch out Dale, you’ve got a cutie!

Daddy and Emma. Emma was getting squirmy at this point and was ready to run the restaurant. Don’t you just her face?

And addie with cake all over! As soon as she got cake she started diggin in with her hands and loved licking the icing off of the candle. She was cracking me up! When I looked across the table at Alex he had nothing on him and Addie was going to town.

Thank you so much Jennifer and Dale for bringing the kiddos to dinner. We had so much fun celebrating their birthday! Hope you enjoyed your big day sweeties!


~ by btitsworth on December 20, 2008.

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