Today is my youngest brothers birthday and oh boy does that make me feel old! The baby is turning 17 years old today. Wow! It seems just like yesterday that he was running around the house in his cowboy boots with cute little freckles on his face.

Chandler Graham entered this world when I was in 4th grade and living in Knoxville. I can vividly remember my dad taking my older brother Chad, myself, and 2 year old Hunter to the hospital. I think we got them a stuffed animal and maybe some flowers on the way. Hunter cried and was terrified when we went into the room. How dare a cute little freckled face boy take his place as the baby? šŸ™‚ All I wanted was a baby sister but Chandler was so cute that I soon forgot he wasn’t a girl. I’ve got pics of us in the room but I can’t get my scanner to upload them to the computer right now.
Our sweet Chandler suffered sickness for the first year of his life. He spent numerous nights in the ICU and was diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s Disease. At 6 months old he underwent surgery and had a colostomy bag on the outside of the stomach. Talk about some fun times. Thanks Chandler for being so animated and making us work when it came to diaper time. šŸ™‚ Anyways, it was very serious and I’m so proud that Chandler is so strong and such a fighter b/c now he is completely normal. Okay, so maybe he isn’t normal but he is healthy. šŸ™‚
Chandler is now in the 11th grade and living in the big town of Houston, Texas. Emma, Uncle Arnold and I had the privilege of visiting Chandler and Hunter this past June. I miss my sweet brothers more than anything and am tearing up just writing this post. They are the best brothers in the world and they love Emma so much. So Uncle Chan Chan, today is your day. I know you are in school but I hope your 17th birthday is amazing and I wish I could give you a big big hug! I’m so proud to have you as my baby brother and I love you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Hunter, Me, and Chandler in June 08 at H’s graduation. Chandler looks just like my dad at that age!
Chandler after he got his drivers license!
Emma Bemma and Uncle Chan Chan as she likes to call him.
She loves her Chan Chan!
Come back inside Chan Chan and play with me!
I wish I could get my scanner to work properly b/c I know it isn’t the operator…I’ve got some cute pics of Chandler when he was little that I want to share.
Thanks for looking!

~ by btitsworth on November 18, 2008.

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