Last night we enjoyed Emma’s 2nd Halloween at my friend Tracy’s. She had an awesome party with tons of food, drinks, and friends. We couldn’t have asked for a better time and Emma was so incredibly cute and loved trick or treating.

This was our host, Raggedy Ann!

Just a glimpse of the food we had. Tracy also had a bonfire that we grilled hot dogs and marshmallows on and we had chili, hot cocoa, punch, tons of chocolate, and so much more. George and I were stuffed last night! I think Emma ate nothing but candy all day yesterday but she still went to bed by 9pm.

Here is the little puppy dog. Tracy had all of the candy in her front living room so Emma wanted to hang out in there all night. We spent all day with Tracy yesterday then went home to get ready. When we arrived back at 6pm Emma walked in and said, “where’s the chocolate?”

I think Daddy was having too much fun! He kept stealing Emma’s puppy face.

Emma on her way to get some candy. She was such a trooper and would walk right up to the door and wait for her candy. She kept trying to take all of the candy from the people! That’s my girl!

This is the very first house we went to and I bombarded this guy with tons of pics! We had to apologize afterwards for all of the flashing from my camera. But he understood it was her first time trick or treating.

And Emma’s 2nd house. This lady was so so sweet and gave Emma candy that didn’t have peanuts so she could eat it herself. How nice was that?

I think we hit up maybe 5 houses and Emma’s hands were getting cold and she wanted to eat her candy.
Emma and her daddy again…
Emma and mommy!
Thanks so much for having us over Tracy. We had a blast spending Emma’s 2nd Halloween with you and your family/friends. Can’t wait for next year!

~ by btitsworth on November 1, 2008.

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