Little man Graham is officially 5! On Sept. 26th Emma and I travelled to TN to help him celebrate his big birthday at the train depot! For anyone that doesn’t know, Graham has been obsessed with trains since he was in the womb. 🙂

I remember very vividly the night we found out Beth was expecting. Beth and Rob had just got married and moved to Miami. One night she calls George and as soon as he picks up the phone I said “is she pregnant?” I’ve got mommy radar. Sure enough the Wheeler’s would be having their very first son and everyone was excited. Shortly after the news they headed back to TN and I remember Beth’s cute little belly growing. Because I was in college and super busy, I don’t remember a whole lot other than finding out he was a boy and feeling her belly kick and move. I do remember Aunt Kathy trying to find his heartbeat while he was in her belly and it was so exciting. Then one day I was in class and George called to tell me she had gone to the hospital. They ended up sending her home but I think she had him the next day. I could be wrong though. Early in the morning of Sept 26 George’s mom called to say she would be having him soon. So at about 2am or somewhere around that (it was early) everyone headed to the hospital thinking little Graham would be arriving any minute. Little did we know he wanted to hang out a little longer and let everyone be sleep deprived. 🙂 It wasn’t until 9:26am that he made his grand entrance. I can remember Rob coming out and us going back to see Beth. It was an amazing day! And now the 1st grandchild is 5 and will be starting Kindergarten next year.

Graham, your uncle George and I are very proud of you and we’ve enjoyed watching you grow over the past 5 years. We hope you enjoyed your 5th birthday and I’m so excited about you starting Kindergarten. We love you Graham!!!

The Birthday boy being a conductor

Ikey and Emma playing in a train car

The Ikester!
Look how big he looks here…makes me want to cry!
Getting ready to tear into the Indiana Jones cake!
Make a wish!
“I’m 5!”
Mommy and her little man
Daddy and his boy
Emma enjoying Graham’s cake!
Uncle Rob and Emma
And the Ikester being cute!
More pics to come!

~ by btitsworth on October 2, 2008.

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