Our New Twin Friends-Addie and Alex!

A few weeks ago Jennifer contacted me after finding my blog. Jennifer and her husband Dale recently moved here from St. Louis. They have the cutest, sweetest, and most content little babies on the earth and we got the chance to have dinner with them tonight! I’ve been chatting with Jennifer for awhile now so I feel like I’ve known her forever, but it was our first time meeting in person. We had a wonderful dinner at Rosie’s and can’t wait to do it again. Of course, I’ve got several pics of the kiddos so enjoy!

Addie being shy! Look at her big blue eyes. Jennifer let me hold her and she is so sweet! I just love them to death!

Emma with her new man…I think she really likes Alex! She kept rubbing his hair and saying “pretty”. Really fascinated with him.

I thought this pose was cute of Emma with Addie! Look at her feet turned up.

Emma and the twins!

Look how content they are!

Here is Emma petting Alex. Addie doesn’t know what’s going on!

Too cute for words!

And then she goes in for the kiss! Oh dear, we are in trouble!

And sweet Addie just being a babydoll.

Thank you Jennifer and Dale for having dinner with us and putting up with Emma’s screaming! Your day is coming dear friends. 🙂 Bloggers, here is the link to their blog-http://addieandalex.blogspot.com/


~ by btitsworth on September 14, 2008.

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