Splish Splash We Were Taking A Bath…

While the boys were here I decided we had to throw Emma & Isaac in the tub together for picture sake…and for when she’s 16 and brings a boy home! 🙂 Oh I must add she won’t be bringing anyone home at 16, maybe when she’s 25. Anyways, here are some amazingly cute pics of the babies in the bathtub. Emma was kind of confused at first b/c she has never had to share so much in her life and she always gets to play with the faucet until then. She was a trooper though! Here are the babies…

I forgot to add that Isaac got a haircut while he was visiting. Check out his new short do. And Aunt Brandy volunteered to hold him while the patient lady did her magic and man I will NEVER EVER EVER hold another child during the haircut process. It was torture and poor Isaac was so upset that I felt so bad for him. At one point I thought he was going to throw up b/c he was crying so hard. At least I was prepared for it, otherwise I would have freaked! It was an experience and thank goodness Emma is never getting her hair cut…EVER! 🙂 Love you Aunt Beth, Isaac, and Graham! 🙂 (It wasn’t that bad!)


~ by btitsworth on August 1, 2008.

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