Fun In Cookeville!

Since George has been working alot of late nights recently, Emma and I decided to take a road trip home! We left Sunday and came back on Wednesday after our LAST trip to Vanderbilt. Yes, I said our LAST trip to Vandy for her helmet!!! I was so happy to have that thing off her head finally. Before we left the Dr. Kelly said “you can just throw the helmet away if you want or save it for scrapbooking.” I was like “there is no way I’m throwing that thing away after we spent so much money on it!” I am thinking of getting it bronzed and putting it in a trophy case or something. 🙂

Anyways, we had a great trip home and got to see all the grandparents (except my dad) and great grandparents. Here are some pics!

Sweet baby Isaac

Cutie patootie Graham! Look at that sweet smile!

G’s granddad and Emma

Granddad with the 3 Amigos 🙂

Sweet pic of Emma and her great grandfather! Neat, huh?

Ru Rus with his babies (minus Graham)

Here they all are!

Emma checking out her cousin

My favorite in laws with Emma & Lambchop

Another cute one of Graham!


~ by btitsworth on April 3, 2008.

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