Hockey Pics!

The girl with her hair in the bun on the right is Jessica. She was one of Emma’s nurses on night shift. Last year she bought one of the pink jerseys (which she is wearing) and on Saturday night she won the bidding for a blue jersey. She is such a sweet woman and very generous!

Here is Amy George hanging out on the ice during the auction.

Some of the players auctioning their jerseys.

This is Jennifer the lactation consultant for the NICU. She helped me out SO MUCH while Emma was in the NICU. I love her to death! (don’t mind my face, I was trying to get Emma to look at the camera)

Hockey Game

Chris George talking about the Melissa George Neonatal Fund. I read that he used to play hockey himself in Kitchener, Ontario years ago. He and Ann Catherine got to drop the puck at the beginning of this game. It was so sweet!

More hockey!

Emma & I taking a break to walk around. She loved all of the people at the game & was an angel the whole time!

Thanks for looking!


~ by btitsworth on February 5, 2008.

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