Uh-Oh Mommy & Daddy Are In Trouble!

Our friend Katie’s sister and her little boy came to visit last week. Her little boy, James, was born only 2 days before Emma! Since James doesn’t go to daycare we decided to let them play a little bit. Emma loved James! They were so incredibly cute together and I wanted so bad to bring James to our house. James loved Emma’s helmet and he kept putting his fingers in the holes on top. At one point he kissed her hand too. Oh dear, it starts early! We had so much fun and I really hope Katie’s sister doesn’t mind that I posted these pics.

James and Emma’s helmet getting some love. The second pic is Katie’s sister.

It looks like he’s taking her to the prom!

Aren’t they sweet?

Katie’s sis & James, Me & Emma, Katie & Bella to the side

Also a couple weeks ago George’s Aunt Patsy and Uncle Dennis came to visit from New Mexico. They were meeting some friends in Chattanooga but took a detour to come meet Emma. We were so happy to see them b/c it had been forever! Come back soon Patsy and Dennis…we miss you!

I’ll post more pics later. Gotta go workout!


~ by btitsworth on November 14, 2007.

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