Howdy Blogworld!

The past couple of days have been busy around the Titsworth residence! Judy (George’s mom) came in on Thursday and stayed the night with us. She hadn’t been down in about 3 weeks and George’s dad couldn’t make it b/c his grandfather has been in the nursing home so no RusRus this visit! We had a great time! Emma loves her Grammy! On Friday we went shopping ALL DAY and bought Emma so many outfits. The girl has more clothes than anyone I know. Don’t worry I’ve got pics of the new clothes. 🙂

I had my first test yesterday in Psychology and I think I got an A on it! My professor will post our grades sometime today but I’m pretty sure I did good on it. Now I have my hard Anatomy test on Monday and I need lots of prayers for that one!

My long time friend, Cathy and her boyfriend Adam, came down yesterday for a couple of hours. That was their first time meeting Emma. It was so wonderful to see Cathy b/c I haven’t seen her since the beginning of May. We spent tons of time together in college but I guess since we are grown ups now it’s hard to get together. Here are some pics of Cathy and Adam with Emma.

That’s about it for now. I’ve got to study today and do some things around the house. In case anyone is wondering how my Weight Watcher weigh in went….I was down 2.2 lbs!!! Woohoo! Hopefully next week I will reach my 15 lb mark.
Ok here’s a few random pics. Enjoy!

~ by btitsworth on September 23, 2007.

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